On 16th December 1971, Bangladesh Is Victory Day. People live more than the size of this country. Due to this, various problems arise here. Every country has ordinary and middle-class and very poor families. Life is the same from birth to death. Like other countries, our country has many poor people and families who are deprived of many public/private opportunities.
While the causes of families stem mainly from basic needs, their main problems stem from their lack of education. Lack of education on one side, lack of food on the other. Where the light of education is not in the water, there the environment is not maintained. Right education helps us to do the right things. Since they are deprived of education from birth, it is natural that they are deprived of everything else. Lack of food, lack of education, lack of shelter, lack of clothing, lack of medical care. Because of this, the life of the newborn child born in their home is ruined before it begins. in front of our eyes. We as humans need to take a disciplined approach to welcome the future arrival of innocent children. Then the world will be beautiful.

Our Steps:

Our voluntary organization aims to spend 5% of our website’s annual income on underprivileged and drop-out children.



Those who want to help the poor with their hands. They can contact us directly and also those who want to send support from different countries can meet with us through online video calls and donate according to their wishes. We will deliver your donation to the poor. Let’s all extend a helping hand to distant people.

People for people, life for life, can see a little sympathy.
God! Help us all.